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    SoftRAID Lite for Windows

    Easily share your RAID volumes between a Mac and a PC

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  • SoftRAID

    Maximum speed and data protection with multiple drives, plus disk health monitoring

Data-center software on your desktop

Using RAID to store and manage data offers unparalleled performance and data security. OWC SoftRAID protects your life’s work with redundant storage options and disk failure monitoring. SoftRAID from OWC delivers the best of safety and speed, far outperforming hardware-only solutions.

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The better and simpler way to RAID

SoftRAID is the powerful and intuitive software RAID utility for macOS and Windows that offers maximum volume capacity, optimum drive performance, data protection, or a combination of attributes via selectable RAID levels. Packed with data center-level features like predictive disk failure monitoring and multiple array volume spanning, SoftRAID is ideal for anyone who needs to safely store and backup massive amounts of data including videographers, editors, audio producers, photographers, database and media managers, advertisers, archivers, and more.

Multiple RAID Levels

Allows you to create advanced RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 1+0 (10) volumes for higher performance and/or redundancy.

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Disk Health

SoftRAID protects your data by alerting you to issues before anything happens, ensuring you’re protected when you’re on a critical deadline.

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Built-in MacDrive technology lets you read/write SoftRAID RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays and use them interchangeably with Windows and macOS computers.

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Volume validation ensures sectors can be read, parity is correct, and any potential volume failure is minimized

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Drives are validated before use to ensure they are safe for data storage

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Email Notification

Email notifications so you know immediately when there is a disk error so you can take steps to protect your data.

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Two great versions to choose from

For the first time ever, you can use SoftRAID on your Mac and your
PC. SoftRAID Lite for Mac and Windows brings incredible
speed, security, and shareable cross-platform RAID access to
macOS and Windows.

SoftRAID Lite gives you the ability to create super-fast RAID
0 sets or ultra-secure RAID 1 sets and protects your data with
extensive drive health monitoring.

With the new Windows version of SoftRAID Lite, sharing data
has never been easier. Built with MacDrive technology, SoftRAID
Lite allows you to create and use HFS+ RAID sets in both
macOS and Windows computers so you’ll never have to worry
about disk formats again.

SoftRAID gives you all the features found in SoftRAID Lite,
plus three additional, advanced RAID levels to offer even more
protection and security options. In addition to RAID 0 and 1,
SoftRAID adds RAID 4, 5, 1+0 (10) for even more speed,
security, and flexibility when working with larger RAID sets.

SoftRAID takes data security to another level and makes sure
you are always in the loop with custom email notifications that
let you know immediately when there a disk error so you can take
immediate steps to protect your data.

With full SoftRAID you can also access SoftRAID via Command Line, giving you the ability to connect via remote shell, without having to launch a screen share session. You can also use it for remote monitoring services and for shell scripts which include SoftRAID commands.

New! SoftRAID for Windows

Share SoftRAID 0, 1 volumes between Mac and Windows

For the first time ever SoftRAID Lite enables you to share SoftRAID volumes between a Mac and a PC. Built with MacDrive (another OWC brand), SoftRAID Lite allows you to create, read, and write HFS+ RAID 0 and RAID 1 sets on both macOS and Windows computers. Sharing data between Macs and PCs has never been easier.

What our customers are saying…

Had issues after upgrading from 5.6.7 to 5.7.3, submitted a request for help and Mark James provided quick response and excellent service to resolve the problems.

Mark EnersenFebruary 2019

Delighted to see my experience is far from unique! Looks like SoftRaid gets the Nobel Prize for 4.99 Star average! Sure get my vote. Nothing like having support that responds like you’re family! By far best experience in my decades of computing. In a universe by ourselves!

B Dudney, M.DJanuary 2019

I wish more companies would take note of how support should be run. Mark offered near immediate response, addressing all my questions in plain to understand English. I wish more companies would take note of how support should be run. Thanks SoftRAID!

Barrett RossDecember 2018

The new version has performed flawlessly! I was just thinking about you guys today and how reliable the software is interacting with my MacBook Pro. I did have some trouble at first but you guys got me back up and running and at the time it honestly seemed like magic.

Chad JonesDecember 2018

Have been using SoftRAID Version 5(.x) since around 2014 with external (Thunderbolt) OWC RAID arrays. Perhaps the best thing I can say is that since then, except for replacing drives from time to time as needed, I’ve barely thought about SoftRAID, everything has just worked.

But what prompted me to post this review tonight was how quick/helpful/friendly tech support was late today (Friday) helping with recovering a volume. My initial email was answered within a few minutes and after maybe 5-6 back and forths (mostly waiting for me as I was also working on something else), everything was wrapped up about 2 hours later.

I was a little surprised at the quick response, but realized then I had used support once before for some type of recovery situation (and questions) and had a similar experience. While I’m sure there are plenty of issues that just don’t lend themselves to quick/same-day resolution like this, my (admittedly limited) experience with the tech support folks has been great, nice folks.

Jon CSeptember 2018


When it comes to your photos, videos, and other valuable files, don’t scrimp on data security and management. Whether it is past archives, present projects or future jobs, RAID storage solutions are a key component to optimizing and protecting your digital work.

So, what exactly is RAID? RAID stands for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”, meaning you are putting multiple disks together for two main reasons — keeping your data safe or accessing your data fast. RAID distributes data across disks in different ways, depending on the level of RAID you choose, RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 1+0 (10).

RAID applies the “double-tired truck” principle to your data by spreading your files across 2 or more disk drives.
Not only does this speed up data access, but if one disk fails, your data is safe on the remaining disk(s)—as long as you are using RAID 1 or higher.

With a double-tired truck, the load is spread; if a tire fails, the truck stays safe.

For over 25 years, SoftRAID has been the most fully featured, robust, and powerful
software RAID solution available for macOS. Now, for the first time ever, it’s available for Windows users too!

SoftRAID makes it easier to maintain mission-critical workflows which saves you time and money. With SoftRAID, you’re no longer locked into expensive hardware RAID technology that’s not upgradeable or expandable.

OWC hardware and software teams work together daily to create unmatched and
powerful RAID solutions that deliver the lighting fast speed and rock-solid protection
our demanding customers rely on.

Losing data can be catastrophic. That is why users turn to RAID solutions to
manage and preserve critical work and personal files. Packed with features like active predictive disk failure monitoring and multiple array volume spanning, SoftRAID gives you the flexibility to accomplish things faster than ever before, all the while knowing your data is protected from start to finish.