YBLTV feature story: How OWC SoftRAID Saved FutureProof Record’s Crucial Data 3½ Years After Setup

YBLTV features the story featured in our News page about how we at SoftRAID stand by older versions of our software—in this case SoftRAID 4, installed on a Mac Pro 5.1 at Futureproof Records, a UK music distribution company. 3½ years after setup, SoftRAID popped up an error dialog, informing Futureproof’s Phil Legg that his disk was failing. Despite the fact Phil was using an older, unsupported version, SoftRAID tech support got right back to Phil, advising him his disk might not even last a few days. Phil ordered new disks on the spot and thanked SoftRAID for saving the crucial data and applications which could have been lost, had SoftRAID not warned him.

I’d advise all small companies to consider SoftRAID for their data-storage needs. Many thanks!

A story with a happy ending and a satisfied customer, due to the SoftRAID team’s belief that no matter how old the version of SoftRAID, they stand by their software and its ability to protect the user against the disaster of disk failure

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