SoftRAID offers total wrap-around disk drive protection from the deployment of a volume to its eventual breakdown.

Disk manufacturers do not routinely take the added time to certify their products at the factory, and depend upon real-world usage to determine their reliability. This makes every hard disk a calculated risk, one which makes mission critical operations susceptible to some degree of potential failure. SoftRAID helps to eliminate initial failures by providing a Certify option, …provides options for several different RAID formats, and provides a Volume Safeguard option to ensure that a particular volume cannot be deleted.

As a volume is used, SoftRAID monitors disk health in several ways, including SMART Data, which employs on-going testing, and is able to predict future failures. All-the-while SoftRAID records disk errors and keeps a log of the information that is maintained between reboots. Should a disk fail, the RAID configuration will allow for the uninterrupted use of the volume until the failed drive can be replaced. Every digital publishing business should have this high level of protection

Michael Kleper
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