Tech Support Reports

Tech Support Reports are a great way for us to help solve any problems you may be having.

When you open a SoftRAID tech support request, we ask for a SoftRAID Tech support file in order to open your ticket. We may also request an updated support file as part of the support process.

When you send a Tech Support Report, our support engineers use it to see exactly what you see when you run the SoftRAID application. In addition, the report contains information about your hardware configuration, and copies of your most recent log files. Using this information, our support engineers can quickly determine the cause of any problem you might be experiencing.

Tech Support Reports are small so they are easy to send via email. Most reports are less than one Megabyte. They are designed to be small enough to be sent quickly and easily.

How do I generate a Tech Support Report?

1. Startup the most recent version of the SoftRAID application. Make sure all your disks are attached.

2. Select Generate Report for Tech Support… from the Utilities menu.

3. Enter your name and email address in the first window. This information allows us to easily keep track of your file and track our progress in correcting any problem you are experiencing.After you have entered your name and address, click the Continue button.

4. Use the Save button to save your file. We recommend that you save it on your desktop as it will be easy to locate when you attach it to an email you send our support engineers.

5. Please do NOT rename the tech support file before you send it to SoftRAID.

When you receive a response for your support ticket, the case number will be in the subject field. Respond to this email and attach this support file in your response. We will get back to you promptly.

If this is an existing case, and have been asked for a second support file, just attach the new support file to the last email in your case. Do not change the name of the new support file.

Note: If you are unable to create a Tech Support file with the SoftRAID Application, use this link for instructions on using the terminal to save a tech support file.

Generating a Tech Support Report with Terminal

In some rare cases (i.e, when disks are failing), you may not be able to create a SoftRAID Tech support file using the SoftRAID Application.

There are three main reasons:

  • The SoftRAID Application hangs when you try to create the file
  • You cannot run SoftRAID app (it crashes)
  • The System crashes when you attach your disks.

If your system crashes when you attach your disks, try this first:

  • 1. Launch SoftRAID
  • 2. Under the “SoftRAID” menu click on “Preferences…”
  • 3. Under both the “Mirror” and “RAID” tabs, disable “Automatically rebuild volumes”
  • 4. Click “Save”
  • 5. Restart and try to generate a Tech Support Report through the SoftRAID application again

If the SoftRAID Application crashes, you can create a Support File using Terminal.

    • 1. Paste this command into the Terminal application: softraidtool generatereport ~/filename
    • 2. Instead of “filename”, enter the following:
    • Your name and date as such: first.last.08.15.2019.sr_supt
    • (do not use spaces, that requires more complexity in the command)


    •  If your name is Jess Stewart and it is August 15, 2019, then you would use the following command: softraidtool generatereport ~/jess.stewart.08.15.2019.sr_supt
  • 3. Hit *Enter*

Does a Tech Support Report file contain any private information?

The Tech Support Report includes your name/email as supplied when you create the support file. We collect only that information critical to support you and resolve your issue. We do not collect extra information which you might consider personal.

A SoftRAID Tech support file includes:

  • SoftRAID log and preferences
  • The current System log
  • The diskutil list output (terminal command)
  • The three most recent kernel panics
  • The partition map on each disk
  • The SoftRAID status partition
  • The volume headers
  • Terminal output of kextstat (to see what extensions are loaded)

We do not collect System Profiler reports, there is no need for that level of detail.

Note: A SoftRAID Tech Support file is not a user readable file, as it contains code that lets us work with an exact replica of a user’s SoftRAID GUI in our systems.