SoftRAID Reseller Registration

The OWC Reseller Program is designed to assist our partners with the selection, delivery, and promotion of OWC storage and system expansion solutions to customers around the world. At OWC we believe that your customers deserve a better overall technology experience, one that supports the creative brilliance of every workflow without compromise. Our commitment to constant innovation, absolute reliability, exemplary customer service, and American design and manufacturing is evident in every aspect of our business. And now it can be yours.

Receive advance communication about current and forthcoming OWC product lines, including access to high-resolution product images and marketing collateral to assist your in-house marketing department with the development of customer-facing advertising materials.

Every OWC Reseller is assigned a dedicated account manager to assist you with product-assortment selection, replenishment and inventory management, and marketing support. Your dedicated account manager will provide expert guidance in the selection and sell-through of the appropriate OWC product lines to perfectly match the demands of your customers.

On your behalf we will train your sales force to be as well-educated about OWC products as we are.

Not everyone likes to shop online. And when they do, many customers prefer to shop locally. When you become an OWC Reseller, your business will be listed in our online search for retailers, making it easy for a customer to know exactly where to shop.

For more information and all inquiries, please email