Contacting Tech Support

SoftRAID is known not only for innovative features but also for outstanding technical support. We pride ourselves in how well we support our customers.

Before Contacting SoftRAID Support

Please make sure your SoftRAID installation is up to date and you are running the latest version. SoftRAID is constantly being updated, so the issue you are encountering may have been addressed in the most recent release. You can “Check for Updates” in the SoftRAID program or visit the SoftRAID download page.

Email Our Support Team

If the problem still exists using the latest version of SoftRAID, please fill out the support form and a case number will created and a member of our tech support team will contact you.

Once a support request has been created we may ask for a SoftRAID Tech Support Report. This file will include information about the SoftRAID installation, the types and sizes of disks in use, and logs from problems you have encountered. You can submit a Support Report at anytime but will need your support ticket case number.

Please visit our Support Report page for instructions on generating a report.