SoftRAID Reseller Registration

We are pleased to offer dealers and ACN (Apple Consultants Network) members an NFR copy of. SoftRAID. This will allow you to demonstrate SoftRAID to your customers and see its incredible features.

Restrictions on NFR Copies of SoftRAID
NFR copies of SoftRAID are for demonstration purposes only and are not for resale or transfer to other clients or customers.

Start using SoftRAID today
You can download the latest version of SoftRAID and start using it while you are waiting for your NFR serial number.

The copy you download will be fully functional for 30 days without a serial number.

Reseller Request Form
Please complete this form to apply for SoftRAID reseller status.

After we verify your information, we will send you a link to the SoftRAID page for resellers. We will also send you a serial number for a SoftRAID NFR license.

We will process your request on the next business day or before.

Reseller Form