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Tech Support Reports

Tech Support Reports

Tech Support Reports are a great way for us to help solve any problems you may be having.

If you send us a Tech Support Report, our support engineers can open it and see exactly what you see when you run the SoftRAID application. In addition, the report contains information about your hardware configuration and copies of your most recent log files. Using this information, our support engineers can quickly determine the cause of any problem you might be experiencing.

Tech Support Reports are small so they are easy to send via email. Most reports are less than 300 KB. They are designed to be small enough to be sent quickly and easily.

How do I generate a Tech Support Report?

1. Startup the most recent version of the SoftRAID application.

2. Select Generate Report for Tech Support... from the Utilities menu.

Select the Generate Report for Tech Support menu item

3. Enter your name and email address in the first window. This information allows us to easily keep track of your file and track our progress in correcting any problem you are experiencing. After you have entered your name and address, click the Continue button.

Save the Tech Support Report file

4. Use the Save button to save your file. We recommend that you save it on your desktop as it will be easy to locate when you attach it to an email you send our support engineers.

5. Please do NOT rename the tech support file before you send it to SoftRAID.

Does a Tech Support Report file contain any private information?

No. The Tech Support Report does not include any passwords, special files, non-SoftRAID preferences or other files which you might consider personal. We include only:

  • Information about your Mac hardware and the disks attached to it
  • SoftRAID specific preferences
  • The most recent entries in your system log file (called: "system.log")
  • The most recent entries in your SoftRAID log file
  • Information about the last three times some part of SoftRAID crashed or your Mac experienced a panic