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Download the latest version of SoftRAID or SoftRAID Lite


Note: We advise you only to download the SoftRAID software on a Mac, not a mobile device

The latest version of SoftRAID and SoftRAID Lite is version 5.6.1. It is the version we recommend for all users and is required if you plan to run macOS 10.12 Sierra. Read the release notes for SoftRAID 5.6.1 here

If you are not already a SoftRAID customer, or you are trying to decide whether to upgrade/update to the full version of SoftRAID, use the chart below to decide which version is best for you and then click the link to download.

Remember you can always try the full version absolutely FREE for 30 days

Note: This is the unrestricted version of SoftRAID. If you have a SoftRAID for ThunderBay or SoftRAID Lite for ThunderBay license, you'll need to download the ThunderBay version here.

SoftRAID vs SoftRAID Lite comparison chart


RAID Levels Supported

Disk Certification

Disk Monitoring

Email Notification of Errors

Command Line Interface

Tech Support




Stripes (RAID 0), Mirrors (RAID 1),
RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 1+0



SoftRAID Lite

Stripes (RAID 0),
Mirrors (RAID 1)

Online Forum


A full comparison of SoftRAID vs SoftRAID Lite can be found here

After you download SoftRAID or SoftRAID Lite, just copy the application to your volume. The SoftRAID and SoftRAID Lite applications will install all the necessary software the first time you run them.

Download the last build of SoftRAID version 4

If you have not yet upgraded to SoftRAID version 5, you can download the last release of version 4. This is version 4.5.4.

Please note:

• SoftRAID version 4.5.4 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 or later. Please upgrade to SoftRAID 5 before installing Mac OS X 10.10 or 10.11.

• There will be no future releases of version 4 as all our development and testing efforts are focused on future releases of SoftRAID version 5.