SoftRAID is now part of the Other World Computing family of brands

SoftRAID Standard and Pro coming soon!

We are racing towards the finish line of SoftRAID Standard and SoftRAID Pro.

SoftRAID Standard - (Mac and PC)
With SoftRAID Standard, Mac and PC users can create super-fast RAID 0 sets or ultra-secure RAID 1 sets, certify new disks before use, receive warnings when a disk is about to fail, and restore data quickly with fast rebuilding. SoftRAID Standard also includes MacDrive technology which enables users to share RAID sets between both macOS and Windows computers.

SoftRAID Pro - (Mac only)
SoftRAID Pro gives macOS users all the features found in SoftRAID Standard, plus five advanced RAID levels - RAID 4, 5, 6, 6+, 1+0 (10) - to offer even more protection and data security options. Plus receive real-time email notification of disk errors so users can take immediate action to protect their data.