Jack X from YBLTV calls SoftRAID: “The Crystal Ball Into The Health Of Your Hard Drive”

 Recently, I was asked to review [SoftRAID]. …and it’s amazing how great it works. I opened the software after install and see a visualization of the hard drives in my computer. Below each picture of the hard drive is a status on the condition of the hard drive. This came in handy when SoftRAID notified me that one of my hard drives was close to the point of failure. I backed up the hard drive and continued to run on the same failing hard drive to test how accurate the software actually is. The next day the hard drive physically failed to the point of removal and scrap.

Without SoftRAID’s notification, I would not have backed up the info on this hard drive and most importantly, I definitely would have lost all the info on the hard drive.

SoftRAID literally saved my stored information from loss

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