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How to use a SoftRAID startup volume with High Sierra

If you're using High Sierra, and booting up from a SoftRAID volume, you'll need to follow the steps given in this forum post, since the macOS High Sierra Installer does not recognize SoftRAID volumes as valid startup volumes.

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Mojave does not support booting from RAID volumes
Are there any hardware RAID based solutions for booting from a Mirror volume on Mojave?

I work in video production, with clients sitting in the room with me all day on really tight deadlines, so the lack of ability to boot off a mirrored volume can be catastrophic (SoftRAID has already saved my butt in this regard on 2 occasions in the past 2 years). Of course I can boot from a cloned volume, but that means I'd be working with stale data on the boot volume, which is less than ideal.
(09-10-2018, 09:00 AM)SoftRAID Support Wrote: With the release of 10.14 Mojave, users can no longer startup from RAID volumes. This includes any SoftRAID volume and Apple RAID volumes.

There is no workaround for this, and we do not expect there to be a solution going forward.

We had several discussions with Apple to see if they would re-enable booting in the future, but the chances are slim to zero.

Prepare to migrate your startup volumes to Apple standard volumes before attempting to install Mojave.

CCC Restores Apple RAID seen as non-RAID and in About this Mac just no seen.

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If CCC can make a Apple RAID bootable, great. SoftRAID cannot, as Apple does not allow non Apple drivers to startup any longer. I believe I tested this in earlier Mojave builds and it could not startup. Maybe something changed.

I think you are saying it starts up, but the storage volume pane does not show it?

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