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How to use a SoftRAID startup volume with High Sierra

If you're using High Sierra, and booting up from a SoftRAID volume, you'll need to follow the steps given in this forum post, since the macOS High Sierra Installer does not recognize SoftRAID volumes as valid startup volumes.

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How to Convert Raid 0 to Raid 5 ?
I already have a RAID 0 setup and with data...NOW, i wish to convert it to a RAID 5....but not sure how to do this....can you please list the steps on how to do this.

Do i have to do something with the safe guards and then just re-certify the disks again? and then later am i given the option to choose what RAID type i want to setup?

I cannot find any literature or help videos on this subject.

Disable Safeguard, delete the old volume, then create a new volume.

If you choose to certify the disks, then you will need to also initialize them with SoftRAID before you can create a volume using them.

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