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SoftRAID Lite and SoftRAID for Thunderbay
I realize this isn't a topic for this forum section but saw no where else to ask it.

I have SoftRaid for Thunderbay right now. I'm looking to getting the full version or the Lite version.

As I understand it SR for TB only works with drives installed in my Thunderbay enclosures, is that correct?

In my Thunderbay I have running RAID 5 so would like to continue using SoftRAID for Thunderbay for that enclosure.

However, I could get away with SoftRAID Lite for everything else and wouldn't need the full SoftRAID version. All my other use would be for RAID 1 or single disk monitoring and no other RAID 5s in some other enclosure.

Can I run SoftRaid for Thunderbay and SoftRAID Lite side by side?

There is only one driver, so only one can be installed at a time.

Purchase retail SoftRAID, or upgrade your SoftRAID for Thunderbay to the retail version ($99) so you can do both.

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