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How to install the SoftRAID driver with macOS Catalina (10.5.1)

If you're using Catalina, and have a T2 Security chip on your Mac, then Catalina (10.15) requires Startup System Security to be disabled (set to none). Read this thread for more information.Read this thread for more information.

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macOS 10.15.1 and SoftRAID 5.8 still requires Secure Boot to be off
I installed macOS 10.15.1 on my iMac Pro, which had been running macOS 10.15 and SoftRAID 5.8. Unfortunately, in order for the SoftRAID 5.8 driver to be loaded, Secure Boot must still be set to No Security.

For now, I've decided to keep Secure Boot on and live with SoftRAID driver 5.6.8; I hope there are no negative consequences to doing so.
This is not a great decision, as with 5.6.8, there will be no notifications, no rebuilding, etc. Also, writes are significantly slower. 5.6.8 is a bare driver we license to Apple for compatibility, it is not intended for regular use.

We are working with Apple on a longer term solution, but it probably will not be until 10.15.2 or so.

The SIP bug is fixed, as of 10.15.1 SIP no longer needs to be disabled. (5.8.1 removes the SIP dialog box)

But Mac's with the T2 security chip, Startup System Security must be disabled, at least until Apple can help us with a workaround.
After I installed OSX 10.15.1 in my iMac with non-T2 chip, why is my volume identified as non-RAID when it is supposed to be RAID 5 with safeguard enabled?

Note that I have a RAID 5 Thunderbay drives connected to an iMac 27-inch Y2017.

When the SIP is enabled, the volume identifier is 'non-RAID'.
When the SIP is disabled, the volume identifier is 'RAID 5 safeguard enabled'.

For now, I have the SIP enabled with the volume identified as 'non-RAID'. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
We will investigate this, it is most likely a GUI issue.

Where I can find version 5.8.1 to download?

I tried here:
When I click on the button "SoftRAID 5.8.1 Download" it downloads a file named "SoftRAID 5.8.dmg". After opening the file the app version is 5.8.
5.8.1 should be available around end of day Monday, November 4.
We had to do a full round of testing.
Thanks for the answer.
The update for the version 5.8.1 with my Imac with T1 chip went OK.
Driver version 5.8.1 are continuously being load with no SIP dialog box.
Thank you all for this amazing support and work!
What should users with T1 chips do?
I'm running a late 2016 MacbookPro Touchbar with Catalina 10.15.1, and the driver for SoftRAID 5.8 won't install.
5.7 will no longer run, I get an error that it cannot initialize correctly and suggests that I boot from a different volume (I have no other bootable volumes) - same thing with Lite XT 5.7.5.

It appears all the downloads available currently are still 5.8, not 5.8.1.
More details.
What do you mean by "won't install"?

Secure Boot is not an issue with the T1 chip.

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