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How to install the SoftRAID driver with macOS Catalina (10.5.1)

If you're using Catalina, and have a T2 Security chip on your Mac, then Catalina (10.15) requires Startup System Security to be disabled (set to none). Read this thread for more information.Read this thread for more information.

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Max volume size 4M2 + SoftRaid Lite XT
Installed 4x 1TB SDDs and trying to create Raid 1, it is limited to 1 TB max size (Raid 0 shows 4TB available). All SSDs are the same

Why can’t create new mirrored volume of 2 TB?

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To create a 2TB volume, you need RAID 1+0, not RAID 1. SoftRAID Lite cannot create 1+0 volumes.
Your answer implies that I would need to create Raid 1+0 but SoftRaid Lite XT included with 4M2 does not support Raid 1+0. So how do I proceed from here? Return 4M2 and purchase another enclosure or spend more $$$ on software upgrade??

I purchased 4x 1TB nvme and 4M2 expecting to get 2TB Mirrored volume as suggested by hardware specifications. Installing 4 disks and getting only 1/4 of capacity isn’t the smartest way to spend anyone’s money.
The Express enclosure comes with XT Lite. That only supports RAID 1 or 0.
You can create 2 1TB Volumes.
Most users want to use this in RAID 0 for performance reasons.
You could also create both a 2 drive Mirror and a 2 drive Stripe, the stripe would be fast, and 2TB, the Mirror would be 1TB. SoftRAID lets you mix and match volumes.
If you can afford it, its worth it to upgrade the software to suit your raid needs.

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