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How to install the SoftRAID driver with macOS Catalina (10.5.1)

If you're using Catalina, and have a T2 Security chip on your Mac, then Catalina (10.15) requires Startup System Security to be disabled (set to none). Read this thread for more information.Read this thread for more information.

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Thunderbolt Vs USB RAID Enclosures - Reliabilty
Hi there.

I'm wondering if there is a general preference between USB and Thunderbolt enclosures?

I'm using both at the moment - StarTech and Lacie TB enclosures and various US ones (Icy BOX, Sharkoon) etc.

I seem to always get errors / disk ejections/errors/ disk spinning up and down on the USB enclosures. Also, SMART seems very hit and miss on USB

Will be likely buying some new 8 or 12 bay raid enclosures soon ( looking at Mlogic MSpeed) - obviously TB enclosures are usually quite a bit more expensive.

Is there any info as to if & why USB is less reliable for external softraid volumes etc?

Thanks in advance.

Thunderbolt is both faster and more reliable than USB. In Mac OS in particular, there are USB issues that allow corrupted memory to be written to the protected area of a disk, damaging the volume.

USB is much slower with any RAID especially RAID 5 (40-50% slower).

I would not consider USB for anything but casual backups, not for serious data storage.
Thanks, I had been feeling the same way but good to get an expert view on this.


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