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How to install the SoftRAID driver with macOS Catalina (10.5.1)

If you're using Catalina, and have a T2 Security chip on your Mac, then Catalina (10.15) requires Startup System Security to be disabled (set to none). Read this thread for more information.Read this thread for more information.

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SoftRAID Error (... application has stopped ...) during Certify
I'm on the latest SoftRAID version 5.7.5

Want to certify a new hard drive, and cannot complete this task because it is a lengthy process and I constantly get this error:
"An internal part of the SoftRAID application has stopped functioning properly. Please quit SoftRAID and relaunch it."

So I have to quit the App and start over again. Why is this happening and how should I completely certification of 8 hard drives? Why you release not a stable version to the public???

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This is a bug that was introduced with a Mac OS security update. We do not understand the cause yet.

The "Monitor" is essentially losing touch with the application.

This can be frustrating when certifying disks, the rest of the time, the SoftRAID application does not need to be running for more than a short period, so this issue would not arise. It is really only with Certify. Even rebuilds do not need the app open, so this would not affect rebuilding volumes.

If you need to complete a certify, you can use the command line to certify the disks. It would be starting over, however, as the command line tool does not have the ability to restart the certify. If this is OK, here is what you would do:

Run SoftRAID and note the "disk identifier", which is disk5 and disk6 as of the time you created the support file. Be careful, as the certify process is destructive!

If it is disk5 and disk6, then you would do this:

Run the terminal.app
Enter this command:

sudo softraidtool disk disk5 certify 3
sudo softraidtool disk disk5 certify 3

This will do a 3 pass certify. If you want to do a 2 pass, then change the last number to 2, i.e, "certify 2"

Otherwise, you have to keep certifying the disks until they complete.

We are trying to fix this, but whatever is blocking the Monitor leaves no trace for us to debug. We hope to resolve it soon, but this has been annoying us for several months.

Thank for your reply! I managed to run this certify command. However why there is no any progress information? (screenshot attached) How should I see where in this several days long process currently I am?? This is just a next line caret symbol and it is very confusing. Will I at least see a success message after a certify completes?

This whole situation is so annoying and very frustrating for a new SoftRAID user with 8x 10TB disks. I have already wasted 2 days trying to certify with the GUI. Now I'm afraid if this (... application has stopped ...) error somehow will affect the RAID volumes once those will be created? Do the volumes disconnect when this error appears?

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Yes, there is a completion in terminal. There is no progress indicator, but you can guesstimate the time remaining by 6X the capacity of the drives and 150MB/s to calculate the approximate time. A fast drive will do 500-600GB/hour

For example 8TB drives takes around 4 days.
Thank you so much for your reply!! Would you suggest to perform certify one hard drive at a time or I can save some time and run 2 or 4 drives at a time without exceeding the thunderbolt 3 connection bandwidth and not ending with even longer certify times?

In other words, let’s assume, same enclosure, certifying 4 drives (10Tb) one at a time = 4 drives x 5 days = 20 days.
what if I will run certify on all 4 drives (10TB) at the same time? Will it be less than 20 days or longer than that?

Maybe running 2 certify operations at the same time is the optimal?

(07-11-2019, 07:02 AM)SoftRAID Support Wrote: Yes, there is a completion in terminal. There is no progress indicator, but you can guesstimate the time remaining by 6X the capacity of the drives and 150MB/s to calculate the approximate time. A fast drive will do 500-600GB/hour

For example 8TB drives takes around 4 days.
You can do 8 drives at once without hitting any Thunderbolt 3 limits. Drives are much slower than the Thunderbolt bandwidth. Yes, you could probably do 16 also!

So yes, do all 4. Use 4 open Terminal windows if you are doing this with the terminal.app. Just be careful to identify the disks correctly. SoftRAID will show you what they are in the disks tile. Once you start the certify, Quit the SoftRAID app, it is not needed for this.

Then when done, you will see the lights stop and the terminal should show a "certify complete" prompt line.
Thank you for an amazing support!!
Thanks, very much appreciated!
Ok, I was running 4 certify operations at the same time in the terminal. Just now one of the processes have just stopped without any "Success" message. Can you confirm that this is your "certify completion" via command line??

I'm so tired of this bullshit with your software, total PITA. GUI is not working, terminal commands give no clue about anything.

10TB certify was supposed to run about 5 days according to your estimates, but have finished in 3.5 days. How can I check if the certify was actually successfully completed on this disk???

With all due respect, do you have product managers, UX designers, QA testers?? Your software sucks.

And I cannot attach a 400KB screenshot while the forum's limit is 1MB. So please check your email for the screenshot.

(07-12-2019, 01:39 PM)SoftRAID Support Wrote: Thanks, very much appreciated!
I tested the output from softraidtool disk disk1 certify 3, which gives a 3 pass certify on disk3, and there is no completion feedback, just the return of the command prompt. Putting additional feedback in the terminal has been added as a feature request.

When the terminal returns the command prompt, it has completed the certify. Times for certify vary, but it is possible the WD did complete in 3.5 days, which would be fast at about 230MB/s, but plausible. Else, it resumed your previous certify, which shortened the time to complete.

Sorry for your rough experience, but this is all triggered by the bug where the app loses communication with the Monitor. We are still invetigating that issue and in the meantime, we will add more functionality to the terminal command here.

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