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How to use a SoftRAID startup volume with Catalina

If you're using Catalina, and have a T2 Security chip on your Mac, then Catalina (10.15) requires SIP to be disabled first. Read this thread for more information.

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Moving array to new Mac
I have a 3 drive internal array in my 2010 MacPro that I want to move to an external enclosure and connect to my new MacBook Pro via Thunderbolt 3. What would be the correct way to do this? I'm thinking that it would be pretty simple but don't want to screw it up!

Very easy.

remove the disks from the Mac Pro.

Update the SoftRAID driver on the new computer.
Now, put the drives in the new enclosure and connect it.

Power it on and the volume will mount.
thanks for the quick reply. I thought it was that simple but I needed confirmation!


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