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How to use a SoftRAID startup volume with High Sierra

If you're using High Sierra, and booting up from a SoftRAID volume, you'll need to follow the steps given in this forum post, since the macOS High Sierra Installer does not recognize SoftRAID volumes as valid startup volumes.

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What’s the best way to format drives

I’ve been using OWC’s Mercury Elite Pro RAID and now Thunderbay enclosures (used in RAID 5 configuration) for a number of years. In the past, I’ve successfully upgraded my hard drives and with the older hard drives, I’ve been able to individually mount it and just use Mac’s Disk Utility to erase/reformat the drive so I can use it as standalone drive again.

For some reason, with my 4 WD 8TB RED drives that were previously used in a Thunderbay 4 with Thunderbolt 2, I’m unable to reformat the drives for standalone use. Before upgrading the hard drives, I’ve been using the latest SoftRAID software (5.7.5).

I even brought the drives to computer repair shop and after working on it for nearly a week, they have told me that they’ve only been able to format the drives in which 1.5TB of the 8TB is available for use.

Is there a correct way to reformat the drives when it was used in a RAID 5 configuration?

Yes, because of bugs in Disk Utility, the best way is simply "zero disk", 100 sectors, which wipes the partition map and Disk Utility will be able to erase them.

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