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How to use a SoftRAID startup volume with High Sierra

If you're using High Sierra, and booting up from a SoftRAID volume, you'll need to follow the steps given in this forum post, since the macOS High Sierra Installer does not recognize SoftRAID volumes as valid startup volumes.

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RAID Encryption – Apple T2, etc.
Firstly – I can't wait for new SoftRAID upgrade for many reason – but security is surely one of them.

It is hard to take Thunderbay 6 or even Express 4M2 with you when you leaving the co-working office – just to make sure your data is safe and secure. So the encryption that MacOs is offering for single external drives is really nice features.

I used to work mainly on WD external storage with their own encryption – but they are so bad about WD software controlling this – that I had hard time waiting for upgrades etc. Some of the software even got hang during initializing disk – what eventually casued the demage of the disks. Hence I prefer MacOs built encryption.

I have also WD Thunderbolt Duo enclosure and for quite some years I wasn't able to use MacOS built encryption for RAID-0 mode. Also WD didn't support their own encryption as well as SoftRAID XT software I own.

However most recently I bought new Mac mini 2018 and new WD Red drives for WD Thunderbolt Duo enclosure (for older WD Caviar Greens). And find out that right now MacOs Mojave on my Mac mini 2018 offers RAID-0 encryption.

So I was just wondering – was it always built into the Mac OS before or is it T2 chip I have right now?

If it is fully supported feature – I would need convert some disk for security reason for Apple RAID – till new SoftRAID 6 arrive.

This is how it looks like on my system via SoftRAID XT.
We agree that encryption is an important feature. There are still some issues we are working with getting encryption to work on APFS, but it will definitely be a feature in SoftRAID 6.

I think Apple added File Vault support in Apple RAID around 10.13. I am not certain of this. The problem is the API call to implement File Vault does not work, so we could not implement encryption in SoftRAID.

We have managed to get encryption to work in APFS, but it is still difficult, hopefully we will get that resolved soon and release a beta of SoftRAID 6 with encryption.

thanks for your feedback!
This is how SoftRAID shows Apple RAID Encryption (RAID-0 on WD Thunderbolt Duo with WD Reds) – WD Black NVMe.

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In part because SoftRAID 5.x does not support APFS. Thanks

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