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Disk being utilized by another program  

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I'm trying to do a 4 bay drive into Raid 0 but when I initialize it states one of the drives, which is the older drive, is being used by another program and that I should shut down the program but the drive is formatted to APFS.  Do I need to reformat this drive again?  It doesn't allow me to do "zero" since it's currently being used by another program.  

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Make sure all volumes on the disk are unmounted. Then try again. SoftRAID first must unmount the volume and if it won't unmount, you will get this message.

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You can use lsof piped to grep /Volumes/VOLUMENAME to see which processes are using the drive.

I had this difficulty a short time ago; it turned out that mds (spotlight) and notifyd were using the drive. I was able to use

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

to convince spotlight to give up on the disk (caution: effectively turns off spotlight indexing for all drives), but I did not figure out how to prod notifyd, so I ended up using the "force eject"