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[Sticky] Notice: Temporary solution to Catalina Finder Hang (10.15.4)  

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Well, my machine has started shutting off again in the middle of the night with SoftRAID running... I'm pretty much done with the software now, it's just always so finnicky and full of arbitrary restrictions (reboot and disable this, don't upgrade to this minor OS patch cause it will break things, etc.)

At this point, I'd rather just do a JBOD in macOS because I won't have to jump through so many hoops and walk on so many egg shells to keep the machine stable. Using this software feels like I'm back in the Windows 95 days with flakey drivers and all that nonsense.

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Sorry. Apple is going through growing pains on security and OS updates. We used to be confident on any OS X release that the driver at least would be stable inside . releases. No longer.I don't know what hangs you are getting, there should be none, but if you are not going to use SoftRAID, I guess no use in trying to debug/resolve that.


Thanks in any event for the feedback.

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