Speed, security, and more

Protecting your data is paramount and SoftRAID stays steps ahead of data loss. SoftRAID checks new disks before you use them, warns you when a disk is about to fail, and keeps working after a disk fails. Advanced monitoring tools work behind the scenes ensuring you’re protected when you’re on a critical deadline.

If speed is what you’re after, SoftRAID leads the race. SoftRAID enables the use of up to 16 disks in a single volume or the ability to spread volumes over two or more enclosures for unprecedented speeds.

Breathtaking performance, multi-enclosure capability, advanced drive monitoring, and downloadable updates. OWC SoftRAID offers data-center software on your desktop.

SoftRAID Disk Protection – Before, During and After

Before – SoftRAID’s Disk Certification writes data to disks and then reads and verifies that data making sure every sector on the disk is reliable. This process makes sure your disk is in top shape before you save your first file.

During – SoftRAID’s Volume Validation can validate a volume to ensure all sectors of the disk are readable and all parity data is accurate. Think of it like checking the pressure on your spare tire; if you get a flat you have the peace of mind that your spare is ready to go.

During – SoftRAID’s Verify feature lets you test your disks without destroying any of the information on the volume. Verifying a disk ensures that it can be read without errors.

During – SoftRAID is always on guard monitoring your disks and volumes for errors. Whether your logged in working or logged off, SoftRAID is quietly, efficiently checking your disks. You won’t even notice, but you appreciate the peace of mind knowing your data is always being looked after. Should a disk develop a problem, SoftRAID alerts you so that you can investigate.

After – If you disk fails, and all disks will eventually fail, SoftRAID rebuilds your RAID in a fraction of the time it would take a hardware RAID to complete the same task, sparing you from significant downtime when you’re ready to upgrade or replace a drive.