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What happens after the trial period is over?

You can purchase a license to use SoftRAID at any time. Once you enter your SoftRAID serial number, you will no longer be using SoftRAID in trial mode and all features will continue to work after the trial period is over.

If you continue to use SoftRAID after the trial period, your SoftRAID volumes will continue to mount and read and write files. However, some operations may be up to 70% slower. In addition, the SoftRAID application cannot be used with disks and all data protection features in SoftRAID volumes are disabled.

If you are using a mirror (RAID 1), RAID 4, RAID 5 or RAID 1+0 volume past the trial period and have not purchased a license, you are likely to lose data if one of your disks fails.

If you have been using SoftRAID in trial mode after the trial period and then purchase a license, you should validate each of your SoftRAID volumes. This will ensure that the mirror or parity data is correct and your volume will work correctly if you have a disk failure.

You can validate a volume by selecting the volume’s tile in the SoftRAID application and then choosing “Validate” from the “Volume” menu.