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Troubleshooting activation problems

You are having a problem with the Software Activation process.

There are four likely causes:

1) You aren’t connected to the Internet while activating, or

2) You are connected to the Internet through a proxy, which is common on business networks, or

3) You have already installed the software on the allowed number of computers (typically just one), or

4) You have replaced enough hardware in your computer that it appears to the activation system that you are now installing the software on a second computer, even though you are not.


1) Confirm that you have an active Internet connection before attempting to activate the software.

2) Confirm that the activation wizard knows your Internet proxy information, which you can likely get from your system administrator if you are on a business network.

3) You may deactivate without uninstalling by going to SoftRAID icon in the Apple menu bar.

5) Purchase additional software for the other computers from

6) Contact support, explain what has changed in your computer, and provide your product serial number. Our support team will contact you and work with you to get the software activated.