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SoftRAID shows disk errors, while DiskUtility shows none—why?

If SoftRAID is showing more disk errors than DiskUtility, it doesn’t mean that SoftRAID is broken

DiskUtility may not always notify you of errors if you are using a volume on a disk which is not reading or writing correctly. If your volume was created with Apple’s Disk Utility program, either a normal volume or an AppleRAID volume, you will be notified of less than 30% of the errors which occur. It can look like the disk is working correctly, when in fact, it is not able to write your files or read them back reliably. Disk Utility will not always report errors when you create a new volume. Once your volume is created, the applications and file system code will report less than half of the disk errors back to you.

With SoftRAID, all of the disk errors are reported to you. These include all the errors which occur when you initialize a disk or create a volume on one or more disks. They also include all the errors the driver encounters when you are reading and writing files on a SoftRAID volume.