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Do I need a second SoftRAID serial number if I have 2 Macs?

Each Mac that has SoftRAID volumes needs to have a separate serial number. SoftRAID only checks the serial number on a Mac if it has SoftRAID volumes. If a Mac does not have SoftRAID volumes, the serial number is not checked.

This means that if you have two Macs, each of which have SoftRAID volumes attached to them, you will need 2 serial numbers.

If you wish to move a single SoftRAID volume between 2 or more computers—so it is only ever attached to one Mac at a time—you can use a single serial number. Simply enter the serial number on every Mac which will be using SoftRAID. When you want to move the SoftRAID volume from one Mac to another, eject the volume, unplug the disks used for the volume and restart your Mac. Restarting your Mac releases the serial number from the Mac which was using it so another Mac can start using that same serial number.