Efren Morales praises SoftRAID in Spanish language tech site “hardwareviews.com”

Here are extracts from his article, translated into English (apologies for any translation issues)

While it is true there are already many and varied options for the management of hard disks (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD), these are likely to be oriented to the expert user with greater knowledge of how open and modify each disk, volume and partition. Not with SoftRAID which allows you to perform many expert functions automatically and, in other cases, with (only) a couple of clicks..so you can have a RAID 1 ready in a few clicks, and create a more complex setup within minutes.

…the first advantage we see immediately is the ease of use…with…the software utility called SoftRAID Easy Setup, whose name says it all: Easy to set up.

SoftRAID enters one of the complex markets in providing data management without risks for its clients, and it does it in a practical way and with friendly interface. Because of all the data that a photographic, design or architecture studio handles, having a RAID system is of paramount importance…[SoftRAID] allows you to securely protect your files through the implementation of RAID [volumes] on your disks in a practical, fast and smooth way.

SoftRAID 5.6 can be used by an expert user or a basic user. Its friendly interface allows you to perform straightforward steps, from the installation to the RAID [level] you want.