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See how SoftRAID can protect you from disaster when your hard disk fails. Check out SoftRAID's incredible features
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See how the SoftRAID Monitor can warn you when your disk is about to fail. It can even warn you via email.

How much will you lose when your hard disk fails?

Have you ever had a hard disk fail? How much work did you lose? How long did it take you to get your Mac working normally again? Did you lose work you hadn't backed up yet? How many thousands of dollars did you spend at a data recovery service?

If you haven't lost anything from a failed disk yet, you probably know someone who has. They had to recreate part of a project, lost all the pictures from their vacations or lost work on video which they were editing. It was probably one of those disasters they'll remember for years to come.

Some hard disks are more reliable than others

No make and model of hard disk is perfect. They all fail at some rate. The good ones fail at a rate of about 3% a year, the bad ones fail at 25% a year or more. Even SSDs (Solid State Disks) fail at about the same rate.

We just finished over 500 hours of testing on the next version of SoftRAID using three popular brands of disks. Most of the disks we used work fine, but one particular brand and model had a 33% failure rate. When you buy a disk, how can you know if you're getting the one that fails at a 3% rate, a 25% rate, or even higher?

Are you feeling lucky?

If you do the math, you realize that even if you only use one disk on your Mac at a time, and it's one of the good ones which fails at a rate of 3% a year, you still have a 25% chance of experiencing a hard disk failure in the next 10 years. Shouldn't you have a little insurance against a disaster which has a 1 in 4 chance of occurring in the next 10 years? At SoftRAID, we have the answer.

SoftRAID can protect your Mac 3 ways

Most RAID products just protect you from losing files when a disk fails. SoftRAID does more. It can test a disk to make sure your disks are reliable before you use them. It can also detect when a disk is starting to become less reliable.

1) SoftRAID can keep you from using a disk which is about to fail

SoftRAID includes a powerful Certify Disk feature. When you Certify a disk, you write, then read, every sector of the disk - more than once. This is the type of testing which should be done on each disk at the factory - but it isn't.
certifying a disk with softraid
Disks are now so big that manufacturers can't afford the huge amount of time it takes to test every sector on every disk. With SoftRAID, you can perform the test which should have been done at the factory.

2) SoftRAID can warn you when a disk is becoming less reliable

When you use SoftRAID, the SoftRAID Monitor keep track of which disks are experiencing errors and logs when those errors occur. This makes it easy to determine which disk is causing you problems.

SoftRAID also looks for wear patterns which indicate that a disk is becoming unreliable. When it sees a disk is becoming less reliable, it warns you.
SoftRAID Monitor warning of disk failure
In our labs, over 50% of the disks that fail are marked as unreliable by the SoftRAID Monitor at least 10 days before they fail completely. Wouldn't you love advanced warning of a disk failure, so you can plan for a replacement?

3) SoftRAID can keep you working normally after your disk fails

If you use a SoftRAID mirror volume, every time you write out a file, the write goes to more than one disk at exactly the same time.
SoftRAID Mirror volume with failed disk
If one disk fails, the other ones still have all the data on your volume.

The current shipping version of AppleRAID is 5 years old

Did you know that it's been more than 5 years since Apple engineers worked on the AppleRAID driver, the one built into the Disk Utility program on your Mac? They last time they fixed bugs in it was 2009. That was the year that the iPhone 3G first shipped, the year when Apple first released Snow Leopard and a year before the first iPad shipped.

Many people will tell you to use AppleRAID, but do you really want to be using software that's unsupported and hasn't been changed to take advantage of advances in new hardware? We think you deserve to be using something much better, SoftRAID.

SoftRAID is continually improved

We don't just ship the same old software year after year. We are constantly improving SoftRAID, adding new features, adding support for new hardware and ensuring compatibility with each new version of Mac OS X. Take a look at our features page and see how much more reliable your Mac could be.

SoftRAID is actively supported

At SoftRAID, we're avid bug-hunters. We spend hundreds of hours testing and re-testing our time-proven product. If you find a bug in SoftRAID. We'll fix it. It's that simple

Is there a feature that you want to see in SoftRAID? Just email us at: We'd love to hear from you. Many of the great features in our current version of SoftRAID started out as requests from our customers

Outstanding RAID software for Mac OS since 1996

We have been creating RAID software for Mac OS since 1996. We started on Mac OS 7. In fact, our team wrote the original version of AppleRAID.

We shipped the first version of SoftRAID for Mac OS X over 10 years ago and have been actively developing SoftRAID and supporting Mac OS X ever since. Our current version includes many features you won’t find on any other RAID product.
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